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Aug. 3rd, 2007

no subject

so today was completely un-eventful.

thomas came home from work and we just chilled til around 6 and we drove back to pendleton to pick up RL. lol
he basicly lives here on the weekends, which is cool with me, except that when he's around we spend way too much money lol
oh well

so tomorrow i think we're going to san diego
i hope so
i feel like getting out of oceanside for a day

Aug. 2nd, 2007


im so bad at doing this and keeping up with it
but from now on
i think i will

this feels like its going to happen lol

Jun. 17th, 2007

catching up cuz im a loser who doesnt post when i should lol

so this week has been weird.

at the begining we had some legal stuff to deal with. shit going on with thomas and his job. dont really need to go into detail other than what they were doing was bad and just because it happens all the time does not make it okay. plain and simple.

thats it on that. thomas' birthday was a big hit. it was on the 15th. he had to work that day so while he was at work i cleaned the house. i do that alot but this time it was different. usually i always get to tired of cleaning before i make it to the bedroom but this time i cleaned that too. and he always says that our back porch makes us look like white trash so i cleaned that too. and i did all the laundry taht he has been bitching about for like a week now. so he came home very happy to say the least. and plus when we got married and got our photos done we had ordered this huge canvas picture of us and it finally came in so i hung it up for him to see as soon as he walked in. he loved it!
then i made steak and REAL mashed potatoes and corn. and i baked him a chocolate cake for his birthday. we didnt have any candles :( too bad. and now that i think about it .... i didnt give him birthday spankins either. damn. well anyways. we had the neighbors, kristin and marcus, over for dinner and it was really nice. marcus came over like half naked but thats cuz he had heat rash on his legs. but thats normal in the corps lol.

i met one of thomas' other friends the other day. morrow. he came over and chilled and wanted to go out on an adventure. well it was a weird time of the month and we had no money so i suggested we go out to eat fast food. he said thats not an adventure and we ended up going to hooters and he paid. that was so cool of him. and he talks alot about his girlfriend back home. its sweet. hes definitely a keeper. not like thomas' other friend who has a fiance but always talks about fucking and stupid shit like that. like one day he had told thomas that he couldnt wait to get deployed cuz when they stop in australia hes going to "get him some." what the fuck? i seriously think hes getting married JUST for the benefits. and i DONT think it will last at all. but anywaus back to morrow. thomas wasnt feeling good that day so he went to bed and morrow stayed up with me and watched napolean dynamite.......only one of the best movies ever!!
i dont know. but i totally approve of this friend.
i also got to meet lcpl isabelle....not sure if i spelled that right. he's cool with me too. and his wife is super sweet. there was a family day on base and the beach the other day adn we spent it with those two. they're just plain cool. his wife had even invited me to go to this jewelry party she was going to some time this week. i would have gone but im flying back to texas the day before the party lol. damn. cuz i wanted me some cookie lee. plus apparently he got in trouble or cussed out the other day for sticking up for thomas and a few other marines. so he's good in my book.
i dunno. there are just so many marines who think they are better than life itself....and they give the corps a bad name. and some are just straight up not good people. like horrible people. i just dont understand how some of those men can say semper fi with a straight face.
but the majority of them are good folks....and i still love the marines. and i still support each and every one of them...even if there are a few shit bags here and there. they've just grown on me lol.
and while im on the subject. i support EVERYONE over there fighting. and the ones in Oki and the ones scattered everywhere else on the map. those who have the balls to serve...i totally support you.

thomas and i went shopping yesterday. got hiim some new shorts and shirts....cuz he was runnin low. and he bought me some shirts too. they are so cute. i have to say that steve and barrys is my new favorite. ANDDDDD i got some new victorias secret perfumes.....I LOVE MY HUSBAND.
well i fly into texas in 3 days!! im so excited !!!
got to go and pack my shit so i dont forget anything

Jun. 6th, 2007

lessons learned

in "growing up" and moving out on my own ive learned a few things and come to appreciate things. heres a few of them

things ive learned to appreciate about texas:
-queso. the cheese dip. i loved it but apparently in california they have no idea what im talking about
-ford and texas commercials....theyre catchy lol
-the beaches in texas arent as pretty and clean as cali....but the water is SO much warmer
-people in texas at least put their blinkers on before they cut you off
-people in texas dont change lanes in the intersection
-medium french fries are mcdonalds are a dollar...in cali they are like 1.79 what the fuck?

things ive learned to appreiciate about my family:
-paying bills sucks hahah

.....more to come
cuz i plan on being here for a whileeeeee

Jun. 4th, 2007

updates...not the first and not the last time

okay so i hate it that it takes me forever to post. oh well.
work has been good. got a paycheck finally and it was about 500 dollars. i used it to pay off the credit card. we lent thomas' buddy some money when his car got towed and we haent got payed back yet....but i went ahead and tried to put some money into the payments....that way thomas sees im trying to help out the household too.

so statsers fiance came out to cali. that was fun. we went to san diego like a hundred times though and that sucked. they put some money in for gas but then one night when he took her down to the beach the next morning my tank was on empty again. so they didnt just go to the beach. oh well.

thomas got cellulitos. it was gross. had to go to the ER and have it cut out and everything. and for the next two weeks we have to re-pack his wound with sterile gauze and all that. its too hard for me to do it so i always have gil (marcus our neighbor) come over and pack it for me. its just hard to sit and put something in your husband knowing it causes him soooo much pain. oh well. it got done and tahts all that matters.

so im re-doing my myspace cuz its shitty and then im gonna clean the house so thomas can quit bitching about it.

May. 20th, 2007

gas masks and lollipops

so this week has been slow with my posting. i got a part time job but have been working full time which kind of sucks. i just hate being on my feet all day every day. but there are people who have done it their whole lives and still continue to do it so i guess i cant complain.
but it wont suck when i get my paycheck :)
this week my paycheck did not come in since i was so new to the system. which makes me sad cuz i wanted that.
but with my next two paychecks im going to buy a flatscreen tv.

thomas and i just bought a whole lot of new furniture from ikea. a bed frame, and this cool thing that goes over the bed thats like a desk that slides down the bed (ill post pics later lol), and we got a new entertainment center...that is huge, and we got a new computer desk for my computer and a desk for his laptop.
then we couldnt find a couch that we liked and fit our budget so we went and bought these two kickass chairs. they are made for gaming so they look cool and they are black and i loveeeee them. they are soooooooo comfy cuz they're made for loser kids who sit in a chair all day and play video games. which we dont do lol but they are still cool.

so i want to get us a flat screen for our new entertainment center.

and we are thinking about moving out of oceanside and onto base. but we will see how that goes. and if i moved on base the ONLY place i would move is san onofre. i think thats how you spell it.

hahah so i took thomas to work today

he usually has weekends off but they have a field week and they are starting it earlier than usual cuz they have a 96 coming up this weekend
so anywayyyyyyys

we get there and statser is like hey fucker did you bring your gas mask?
they added that to the list of shittobringwithyou like five minutes before we got there
ugh lol
at least someone in 1/5 wasnt going......which was only like 3 people to the best of my knowledge
so thomas had to borrow someone elses gas mask
and i hate gas masks. if thomas is ever attacked by some chemical and it ends up saving his life or something then ill change my mind. but i put it on one day and it makes me panic cuz i feel like i cant breathe right. its weird. lol.

May. 17th, 2007

calling in

i hate calling in. when you lie and call in its okay cuz then you get to stay home all day and feel like you got away with something cool and you get to stay in bed all day and you get to watch tv and eat ice cream
today was not one of those days
i threw up again this morning
oh my god i hope im not pregnant

i wouldnt mind having kids
but now is way too soon
and i would HATE to have a my first baby while thomas is gone overseas

today sucks

but at least i got to lay in bed and watch porn all day
that always makes anyone feel better lol

May. 13th, 2007

first day of work

officially :)

i love my job. today was my first day of work and i loved it.
well anyways.
you know how sometimes when you know someone or someone who knows someone who works at a restaraunt and you always end up hearing about all the gross things that happen there and then you never want to eat there again?
not here

this is one of the cleanest places ive ever been. its cool.

so i love my job so far
i spend the whole time on my feet but i have fun meeting new people all day and i have a good time.

but im the only one who doesnt speak spanish lol

May. 11th, 2007

so yesterday

i was supposed to go to work at 3, for my orientation and to fill out some paperwork. then i would start friday as my first day of work. well marissa (the manager) called me and said taht she had some meetings that day and to come in for all that today and my first work day would be tomorrow
thats cool with me
it was actually good cuz it helped me catch up on some sleep. i have been having alot of trouble sleeping lately. but ill talk about all taht later
i need to go get ready for work

im a dork
but im excited cuz i get my work shirts today :) and when im done im going straight to pick up thomas from work. he had a hike today. when i drove him to work today the guard at the gate noticed a 1/5 sticker on the windshield and was like "enjoy your hike" meanies lol i think today was the 18 mile hike.

May. 9th, 2007


i got the job!! yay me!!
fuck im good at this.
i work tomorrow and pretty much everyday after that for the rest of my life :)
money money money

well today i feel shitty
im just pretty much over my life
im starting over fresh.

i have so many "friends" back in texas
yet ive only heard from like a handful of them. (pretty much anyone and everyone i worked with at TRU...i love yall...) i understand people have lives that dont always concern me, but fuck me runnin it wouldnt hurt to log on to your fuckin myspace and say hi every once in a blue fucking moon. ugh. whatever. ill find new friends in california.

but there is this one that im pretty upset about. our friendship ended long ago but hasnt really been put back together and that sucks balls. basicly we got in a huge fight cuz she accused me of sleeping with her boyfriend at the time (which for the record and for the millionth time..i did not do) her and i were like the best friends you ever find. that once in a lifetime friendship. i wanted so bad to have that back. we live in completely different states now...but i still wanted to be friends. ive tried over and over again to be friends and let her know how i feel and leave her a comment here and there but it never seems to work.
im pretty much out of ideas at this point.

i dont kow

fuck. im bored.

i cant wait
to go back to texas this summer and party
and yes
there will be pictures haha

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